Activities of Daily Living in Assisted Living: Greenville, SC Offers Comfort

Many seniors do not realize how easy life can be with assistance in one or two areas of their daily habits. In assisted living, this help is referred to as activities of daily living (ADLs), and they give residents the confidence to live independently.

What are activities of daily living (ADLs)?

ADLs are required activities people need to get through the day. The two categories of ADLs are basic and instrumental.

Basic ADLs include:

  • Bathing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Using the restroom
  • Mobility
  • Dressing
  • Feeding

Instrumental ADLs include:

  • Medication management
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Transportation
  • Cooking
  • Home maintenance

Greenville, SC assisted living and memory care communities like Oakview Park offer premier senior apartments with the benefit of comforting basic and instrumental ADL assistance.

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How do I know what ADLs I need?

An initial assessment in your senior living community will determine the services included in an individual care plan. At Oakview Park, senior care is tailored to residents’ needs, and they don’t have to worry about receiving care services they don’t require.

The Katz Index is a test you can perform at home to determine the level of your basic ADLs.

Think about how you or a loved one would relate to each situation:

  1. I spring out of bed every morning
  2. I worry about slipping in the shower
  3. I have problems getting to the bathroom sometimes
  4. It’s difficult to button my shirt
  5. Managing medications is overwhelming
  6. Cooking nutritious meals is too time-consuming
  7. My diet is causing me to lose/gain weight
  8. I neglect some areas of my home
  9. Cleaning is too big of a chore
  10. I forget to manage my bills
  11. Driving is becoming difficult

Many seniors living independently can benefit from assisted living, even if they only need help with one or two activities listed. With the assistance of caring team members, residents at Oakview Park are living happier, more confident lives.

What is an individual care plan?

An assisted living care plan is the outline defining a resident’s needs. The resident, their family, and community team leaders will meet before moving in. Potential residents have every right to be an active part of the process.

At Oakview Park, this outline is customized to each resident. Our welcoming and knowledgeable team looks forward to helping families design a plan that gives their loved ones peace of mind.

The comprehensive care plan will include:

  • Prior medical history recommendations
  • Medication administration information
  • Wellness goals
  • Nutrition information
  • Activity recommendations and interests
  • Care services (ADLs) required
  • Level of care and support

What are my rights in senior living?

The South Carolina Resident’s Bill of Rights gives seniors the freedom to participate in their care.

The Resident’s Bill of Rights guarantees that residents can:

  • Be an active participant in your care plan and treatment
  • Be informed of any changes made to the care plan that will affect resident’s well-being
  • Receive treatment in private
  • Be treated with respect and dignity at all times

Senior living in South Carolina gives you the right to receive personal care. At Oakview Park, personal care is a holistic effort to support residents’ mental, physical, social, and spiritual health and comfort.

Enjoying Senior Living in South Carolina

Thanks to compassionate care from the Oakview Park team members, our seniors are having a lot of fun.

Our senior living activity calendar includes programming full of crafts, exercises, outings, and worship services. Everyone is free to attend what they want, and if something is missing, we hope residents will give us some fresh ideas.

Imagine living with these activities:

Are ADLs offered in memory care?

ADLs apply to everyone, including people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. At Oakview Park, our memory care is supported by the SPIRIT philosophy:

  • Strength-focused
  • Purpose-driven every day
  • Identity is celebrated
  • Rediscovers the joy of the smallest successes
  • Invigorates each resident every day
  • Tailors programming for each resident

Our specialized memory care team provides ADL support so that these residents can spend more time on purposeful activities. We offer individualized programs focused on their past career or hobbies to reduce stress and agitation by getting to know the individual.

What programs set Oakview Park apart from other Greenville senior living communities?

To set our community apart from other assisted living facilities and nursing homes, Oakview Park offers additional services to engage the mind, provide entertainment, and satisfy the soul.

The Academy

Learning is a lifelong process. The Academy gives seniors the opportunity to enjoy lectures and seminars from local professionals, professors, spiritual leaders, and entertainers. These special events are a bonus to our daily activities.

Freedom Dining

Seniors should be able to choose when they want to eat. Freedom dining offers all-day options for heart-healthy meals. Our culinary team can work with each resident’s dietary needs. The dining room is also a favorite place for socialization.

Respite Care

Family caregivers who need a break can find solace in letting our caring staff handle daily needs for a short-term stay.

Seniors recovering from a procedure can also use our respite care services while they gain the strength to live independently.

Respite care gives guests the same access to care and activities as our permanent residents. We welcome Greenville, South Carolina seniors to sample our assisted living community with this service.


Experience Assisted Living in Greenville, SC

For more information on ADLs and individualized care plans, contact Oakville Park. Our senior living experts are happy to answer any questions and provide VIP tours.

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