Smooth Transition From Rehab to Senior Living

Why Atlas provides peace of mind and an engaging lifestyle for seniors moving from rehab to senior living communities

For seniors completing short-term rehabilitation, the thought of living alone at home afterward can feel overwhelming for themselves and their families. It may be time to consider a senior living community, where all of the services, amenities, and socialization needed are under one roof while house chores are taken care of by a committed team.

If your senior parent is recovering after an extensive medical situation such as surgery, is it best for mom or dad to move back home right now?

Many seniors benefit from the comprehensive care option Atlas provides to those transitioning from rehab to senior living. Our communities give families peace of mind when they know their loved one is receiving proper attention and socialization opportunities with other residents.

What are some common concerns for seniors returning home after rehab?

Ensuring your loved one is receiving proper care after rehab, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, is of the utmost importance. A senior moving back into their home can bring up concerns for the senior and their family.

  • The everyday tasks such as laundry and cleaning can become more difficult.
  • Not having everyday care to ensure your loved one is continuing with their care plan and progressing in their treatment can cause stress and worry.
  • Seniors with limited mobility may have more difficulty moving around their home alone or getting to and from their various appointments.

How does Atlas ensure the safety of our seniors who transfer from rehab to senior living?

Atlas provides the care, amenities, and socialization that alleviate these concerns.

Atlas Senior Living | Senior woman participating in rehabilitation
We provide the care, amenities, and socialization that alleviate these concerns.

Let’s look at the potential issues of living at home alone and then the benefit of living in a community.

Living at HomeLiving in an Atlas Community
Extra driving time to schedule and see rehabilitation therapists (if needed)Physical therapy and occupational therapy partners visit on-site to continue care as needed
Senior and/or family must schedule the appointment and also drive to any follow-up appointmentsScheduled transportation to and from any appointments your loved one may have
Stairs, rugs, any objects on the floor, or raised thresholds are more of a hazardBuilt for seniors with limited mobility or who require a wheelchair
Laundry, yardwork, and/or cleaning are still there needing to be doneOur community takes care of chores such as laundry and housekeeping services

Living in an environment that is designed to support seniors, like Atlas communities, is shown to maintain and even increase activity and the quality of life in seniors. They are given more opportunities for social engagement and physical activity while in a safe and supportive environment.

Is there an in-between option when it comes to rehab and senior living?

If making the move to senior living seems like too permanent a decision right now, all Atlas communities offer short-term respite stays. These stays can range anywhere from 30 to 90 days and seniors receiving respite care can enjoy all of the same services and amenities as a regular resident would. It’s a perfect transition or ‘look-and-see’ period for yourself and your loved one!

Could my loved one need memory care, too?

You may even realize that your senior parent needs a different kind of attention and supervision – a type of care that involves more than the circumstances surrounding the rehab visit. For instance, if a loved one has exhibited behavioral changes recently that indicate early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or other forms of dementia, many of our communities also provide specialized memory care. It’s best to visit a doctor and receive their guidance. They can provide medical expertise and a possible diagnosis, however, our teams are always happy to help how we can with this process.

From Rehab to Premier Senior Living

We are here to support your loved one throughout their recovery! We’ve helped many families in your situation, too and would love to speak with you.


If you are interested in transitioning your loved one from rehab to our communities for round-the-clock care and assistance, please visit us online, look up your nearest Atlas community or call (205) 506-0745.

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