Co-Founder & President

Scott moved to Birmingham in 2010 after being CEO and Managing Partner of Texas Sandwich Investors, LLC in Dallas, TX. Scott also co-founded GoldOne Group, which purchased, an online clothing company that handled its own manufacturing sources and sold product to national retailers, including Hibbett Sporting Goods and Academy Sports. In 2013, Scott sold GoldOne to launch Atlas Senior Living, and he has spent the last 9 years solely in senior housing transactions and management. Scott leads the development and growth of Atlas Senior Living through his experience in capital investitures and project management. Over his career Scott has handled more than 500 million dollars of real estate assets and management and continues to drive future expansion for Atlas Senior Living. Before Scott began his career, he lettered in football for Mississippi State University and Southeastern Louisiana. Scott is currently part of an ownership group of the professional soccer team, Birmingham Legion.

Scott Goldberg, CEO Atlas Senior Living

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

~ Winston Churchill

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science from Mississippi State University; Executive MBA from the University of Alabama

“We will always implement key business strategies from past experiences but what excites me the most, this business compared to others, significantly allows me a role in positively impacting lives. It’s so refreshing to know our main mission of creating environments tailored to our resident’s individual needs is a driving factor in this industry. While key business components are vital to sustainability and success, executing the mission creates the greatest yield: our residents continuing to live life on their terms. Cheers to living life. “
~ Scott Goldberg

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