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Madison at the Prado Memory Care

Personalized Care

Madison Heights at The Prado associates are committed to providing round-the-clock engagement and specialized memory care services in the Macon area. We focus on individualized attention, offering brain fitness activities, 24/7 trained memory care associates, and medication management. Our SPIRIT programming ensures a vibrant and tailored life experience for memory care residents.


Enriching Activities

Our passionate team at Madison Heights at The Prado creates enriching experiences for each resident, celebrating their daily achievements, familiar interests, and unique preferences. We focus on the person, not the diagnosis, emphasizing that every stage of life is worth enjoying to the fullest.

Madison at the Prado Memory Care Community at Macon
Madison at the Prado Memory Care Community at Macon
Madison at the Prado Memory Care Community at Macon
Madison at the Prado Memory Care Community at Macon

Our person-centered programming honors each resident's past interests while introducing new activities, giving them the freedom to choose. Our privilege is to service this amazing generation of seniors through respect and kindness.

Dedicated to the health of your loved ones

Nutrition We prioritize personalized nutrition plans tailored to residents’ specific needs, incorporating well-balanced diets rich in essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, to support cognitive function and delay cognitive decline.
Enhancing Mobility Mobility is vital in Memory Care, as it fosters independence, stimulates the mind, and enhances overall well-being. In our community, tailored mobility-focused spaces and activities greatly benefit residents.
Daily Brainstorming The daily brainstorming program is a favorite among our residents. Brainstorming helps the residents’ short- and long-term memory, which is why it’s so beneficial.
Social Connections We actively promote and facilitate social interactions through various activities, events, and communal spaces. Residents have the opportunity to build and strengthen friendships, share experiences, and maintain close ties with their loved ones.
Madison Heights at the Prado Memory Care

Crafting Moments of Joy


Meaningful Dining

Experience the culinary excellence at Madison, where our talented chef and dedicated culinary team craft delicious and nutritious meals tailored to the unique preferences and dietary needs of our residents that will elevate your dining experience and make your days.

Madison Heights at the Prado
Madison Heights at the Prado Memory Care

A Unique Layout

The Prado’s memory care is unique in many ways starting from our building which was designed just for memory care. We are a one-level building, with three different halls. At the end of each of those halls, we have different shapes above the doorway to help our residents locate which hallway their room is on. Our team makes every effort to connect new residents with the appropriate hall based on their personality and interests.

Take a Look Inside Our Luxuorious Community

The most comfortable
rooms to feel at home

Our facilities are ADA compliant

Floor Plans

Explore our thoughtfully designed Memory Care floor plans, each offering a unique blend of comfort, security, and personalized care. Choose your ideal haven, specially designed for Alzheimer’s and dementia care, where every resident’s individuality is celebrated.

Financial Assistance? No problem, we've got you

Navigate the complexities of senior living finances with confidence and ease. Our team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you have access to the best financial solutions for your needs. Click below to discover the options available to you and take the next step towards a secure retirement.

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plenty of opportunities for adventure in Macon

Ready to Live Macon GA?

The Museum of Arts and Sciences is right across the street where our residents enjoy visiting, strolling through the wildflower gardens, and watching the exotic animal shows. We also frequently go to Lane Peach Orchard where we enjoy fresh peaches and homemade peach ice cream. From elementary school visits to dog therapy to dance parties to lunches outside under the shade, the Madison Heights at The Prado lifestyles team dedicates themselves to knowing your loved one and their preferred hobbies.

Welcome to Madison Heights at The Prado!

Daylin Warren Executive Director
My name is Daylin Warren, Executive Director of our comforting community. My team and I are passionate about helping families navigate Alzheimer’s and dementia care by providing their loved ones an enriching place to live.
Daylin Warren Executive Director

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