You Win With Your People in Senior Living

Atlas Senior Living Community Associates and Residents

As we conclude 2018, I am reminded more than ever this year of something important: that Atlas Senior Living’s progress, future growth and service to our residents hinge upon the constant determination of building a “dream team,” from the communities to the corporate office.

Without great teammates, you can’t win. You may ask that “this is not a football game, so why do you use the word, ‘win?’” While there is no conference championship, national championship or bowl game, we have the constant opportunity within our senior living organization in the game of life to positively impact individuals, and we want to win.

One of the other successes we’ve had with Atlas Senior Living, alongside our dream team, is our culture.

Atlas Senior Living’s Thriving Culture

Looking back on 2018, I am proud of the culture we practice in the senior living industry. I hope we continue to work hard on not just maintaining, but more importantly building upon, our momentum and taking it to another level in 2019. While we are far from perfect, I believe we all work hard and make it a priority to create a unique culture, not just talk about it.

At the end of the day, like football, you can recruit and obtain the best talent, but if you do not have the appropriate culture, your talent will never reach its best, or they will eventually leave to “play” for another team.

While I feel like we do a great job of finding the right people at the community level (who deeply care for our residents as compared to merely showing up for a check), we at the corporate office need to do a better job of spending time and getting to know those key teammates who really make it happen on a daily basis. It’s very easy to talk about, but extremely difficult to execute, so we pledge in 2019 for our corporate teammates to better bridge that relationship gap with our front-line teammates.

Atlas’ Fourth Quarter

At the end of the day, the goal is to love what you do, and even more importantly, love who you do it with. In my opinion, as I mentioned earlier, if we can continue to build upon that momentum as we embark upon 2019, all the business ‘stuff’, goals, and so on will naturally fall into place. And we all will be hoisting that special trophy, the trophy of life.

Cheers to a great 2018 and an even better 2019!

Scott Goldberg

President and CEO of Atlas Senior Living




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