The Best Assisted Living Experience in a Golf Cart Paradise is Possible

Legacy Ridge at Peachtree not only ensures the best Assisted Living programs in the area but is now part of the Peachtree City Gold Cart Path Project.

The City has over 90 miles of multi-use paths for golf carts, from the City’s north to the southern region, and these paths are regularly maintained, making them easy to use and traverse. In addition, Peachtree City has dozens of bridges and tunnels; golf carts are the preferred way to travel in the community; they can quickly and safely cross major highways and streets.

According to the official Peachtree City website, these are the closest projections:

  • Approximately 26 square miles
  • Approximately 38,244 residents (2020 census)
  • Approximately 100 miles of paved multi-use paths
  • Approximately 11,000 registered golf carts

Legacy Ridge at Peachtree Golf Cart Path Project

Thanks to this project, our community will access the entire golf cart system through the connection between Legacy Ridge at Peachtree and Flat Creek Animal Hospital with the Peachtree City golf cart trail system via Sumner Road. This will also allow a direct connection to the closest neighborhoods, Smokerise and Lexington Park.

The improvements will also make it easy to access businesses such as Azul Taqueria & Cantina, Zaxby’s, CVS, Peachtree City Yacht Club, Sprouts Farmers Market, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, McIntosh High School, Starbucks, Peachtree Shopping Center, Publix, Crumble Cookies. They are located less than a mile from the community and are approximately a 5-minute golf cart ride.

How does this system improve the quality of life for residents?

In addition to being a super fun option for all residents, the City offers a host of activities, tree-lined roadways, and scenic views to get more out of your rides through golf carts.

Most families make most of their journeys through golf carts, that being low-speed and low-carbon vehicles, favoring the environment, reducing car accident rates, favoring circulation, and avoiding traffic jams and heavy traffic.

All these factors together, added to the cheerful atmosphere of the City, make every day like being on vacation.







What will be the next steps?

Fayette-Coweta EMC will install a light at the street at the end of the path on Sumner Road – estimate 8/22

Landscape company to clear necessary grass and shrubs

Concrete to be poured – approximately three weeks

Project to include four designated golf cart parking places and charging stations for golf carts

Estimated project completion date – October 2022

And that’s it!

 As you can appreciate, we are one step away from being wholly part of this golf cart paradise where you live every day as a vacation. So don’t wait any longer; save your place.

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