Why Senior Living Series: The Life-Changing Benefit of Senior Living Versus Living at Home Alone

Your senior parent may prefer to live at home, but is it better for their health and well-being, especially if they live alone? 

Although some seniors prefer to age in place at home, there are life-changing benefits to consider when deciding to move to a senior living community or facility. One of those benefits involves the senior’s safety. 

There’s no doubt that the safety of a senior adult becomes a constant fear if a loved one lives alone or recently had a spouse pass away. With COVID-19, seniors may be afraid to step out of their homes and go to the store. Staying at home further isolates them, which could leave feelings of anxiety or depression.

Consider an Atlas Senior Living community as the next chapter of a loved one’s journey, for their health and for your peace of mind as a caregiver and daughter or son.

The Peace of Mind, Care and Passion at Senior Living Communities

There is a lot of information available about senior living and it can feel overwhelming. We are here to help, inform, and share the true benefits of a senior living community easily. Below are some of the safety benefits to living in a senior living community versus living at home.

  • Built for Seniors

Consider your loved one’s home now. Are there stairs? Cracks in the sidewalk? Items left on the floor that are tripping hazards? It is difficult to imagine a childhood home could serve as a hazard for your senior adult now, but it’s important to remember to shift with the changes of becoming older for your loved one’s health.

Assisted living communities like Atlas are built avoiding these hazards and offer floor plans specifically designed for seniors. Many floor plans include efficient spaces with step-in showers and/or kitchenettes for the optimal lifestyle for your loved one. 

  • Service with Heart

Depend on passionate and nurturing associates to help your senior parent(s). Atlas communities offer specialized medical and healthcare teams who are available for your loved one. Each senior living facility differs on the care services they offer, such as medication administration, however Atlas communities will provide a vast array of services. Our communities also partner and/or communicate with your senior’s doctors and physical therapists (for example) to provide an all-inclusive feel to the different health services needed.

  • Peace of Mind with Prevention Protocols

Another benefit that is important now more than ever: senior living communities are in an optimal position to combat COVID-19. 

With COVID-19, our teams have dedicated themselves to our residents’ and other associates’ safety. We are following recommended protocols that prevent the spread of the coronavirus, or any virus, offering a lifestyle for seniors without fear and with an informed medical/healthcare team ready to serve. Although day-to-day operations have changed to ensure we are following best practices, we continue to educate, entertain and engage with digital tools, meal deliveries, and small group activities following social distancing rules. 

You can glance over the specific care services your local Atlas senior living communities offer on their website or by directly contacting them.  

You can also read more about the dining experience at Atlas communities

About the Why Senior Living series: At Atlas, our commitment is to provide seniors their best life despite any circumstance, even during our tumultuous time with COVID-19. We are providing the information seniors ask about most and through this series, we hope to assuage your concerns and answer your questions fully to show the true senior housing experience.

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