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16 Things I Would Want If I Got Dementia

A heartfelt wish list from a dementia care worker By Rachael Wonderlin Part of the Transforming Life as We Age Special Report (This article appeared previously on When you work in dementia care, people tend to ask you a lot of questions. Probably one of the most common questions that I hear is, “Are you

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Five Signs You’re Working For A Truly Great Manager

The role of management has changed quite a bit over the past few years. Few people realize it, but the role of management was originally created to maintain the status quo and enforce rules and protocols. Managers were supposed to push employees and extract everything they could from them. Management never cared about engagement, empowerment,

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When I Follow A Leader: Moments that Won Me Over

By: Bill McDermott CEO at SAP   All leaders have one thing in common: Followers. Followership can be won in grand moments, through a galvanizing speech or how a crisis is handled. Not for me. The leaders I’ve chosen to follow throughout my career earned my intense loyalty and commitment in small, un-orchestrated moments between

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Six Habits Of Confident People

Fearless children often turn into insecure adults. How do people manage to stay confident in the face of failure? By: Stephanie Vozza Editor’s Note: This article is one of the top 10 habits to adopt to be better at your job in 2016. See the full list here. When my son was four, he wore

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20 Things the Most Respected Bosses Do Every Day

Think about the best boss you’ve ever known. Here are 20 things I’ll bet he or she never stopped doing. By Bill Murphy Jr. Executive editor,, and founder,   Think about the best boss you’ve ever had. Maybe you’re fortunate, and we’re talking about the person you call your boss today. Maybe it’s someone you

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Memory care facility breaks ground in Enterprise

From the Dothan Eagle Ledger Madison Heights, a 16-bed memory care and assisted living facility, has broken ground in Enterprise. The $2 million facility will be located on Chaney Street across the street from Kelley Place, both of which are owned by Atlas Senior Living. Chaney Street is located off of Dauphin Street. Atlas Senior

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