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National Senior Independence Month is the perfect opportunity to share and praise the work of all parties who strive to improve the quality of seniors’ life daily by innovating alternatives

Baby boomers are an extraordinary generation educated, active, accustomed to vibrant leisure lifestyles, and are ready to continue their stories among friends during their retirement years. They aren’t looking for

One of the most fun parts of Christmas is the gift-giving, but it is common for us to run out of ideas, so we have prepared this list for you

The Music and Senior Health

We all love music, but very few of us are aware of all the benefits it can bring to improve our quality of life, especially in the aging process; music

Skincare Tips for Seniors

Over the years, mature skins present more issues and need extra help, which is why we bring you our best skincare tips for seniors. The skin is brilliant and capable

Poor sleep for seniors can affect memory, concentration, and mood, which decreases intellectual and physical performance. Therefore, with the purpose of promoting healthy aging, put these simple tips into practice

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