Why I Work in Senior’s Housing

From some of the team at Atlas Senior Living:

“I love working with seniors because it is a chance to give back to people who spent their lives serving others. I find that many of our residents spent much of their lives volunteering at churches, nursing homes and hospitals. I am able to devote my time and energy to people who have shown love to others their whole lives. I love hearing the stories of the past. It brings me joy to see the excitement on our residents’ faces when they reminisce about their childhood, their siblings and their children. I enjoy hearing the stories of times past including: farm life, walking miles to school and meeting spouses. I love the excitement residents’ show when they participate in activities such as Bingo, picking leaves to use for a craft project or baking cookies in the kitchen. It is so much fun to see residents partake in activities that bring back memories of their past.”

–Kelly Adriano Madison Heights Memory care community, Evans Ga

“Speaking from a Memory Care point of view: I think the most important thing to keep in mind day in and day out is that we have the ability to have such a positive effect on the resident and family member’s lives at such a difficult time. When most people are heavy with emotions seeing their loved lose a sense of who they once were, it’s rewarding to know there’s not many other professions that have the ability to have such a profound impact on their “customers” like we do.”

– Marcus Covar Regional Director; Atlas Senior Living

“I choose to work in Senior Living because I felt that this industry is a place where I can truly make a difference in people lives. Seniors as well as their families. Having the opportunity to serve Seniors in their golden years and exceed their expectations to help maintain their independence, dignity, and happiness is truly a special honor”

– Greg Crutcher, Vice President of Marketing, Atlas Senior Living

“Seniors have literally been a part of my life from the day I was born. Living in my grandparent’s home, I learned to appreciate the importance of the wisdom of previous generations. I initially began my career working with children after graduating from college. Although watching children overcome their challenges was extremely rewarding, I was quickly drawn back to the enjoyment of daily interactions with the senior population. I cannot imagine my life working in a different industry.”

– Carol Brinegar Executive Director, Legacy Reserve at Fritz Farm

“Working with seniors is all I have ever done and really all I have ever wanted to do. From an early age I enjoyed going to the coffee shop with my great uncle and grandfather and just eating breakfast and listing to all the “old men” talk. In high school I helped to start a prayer partner program parring students with seniors in our church. I majored in Health Administration and quickly found senior housing. From the first day of my internship I was hooked. There are not many industries out there where you can serve others and daily truly make a positive difference in people’s lives. I have learned so much over the years from serving seniors and look forward to learning more and more from them throughout my entire career. It is great to be in an industry you love and are passionate about, it is a joy going to work every day!”

– Wyman Hamilton; Atlas Senior Living

“I work in senior housing because I have the ability to assist in enhancing lives.  I truly respect and cherish the knowledge and traditions that seniors have established in their lifetime and love to watch seniors continue to flourish when they move into a senior living community.  New friendships are made and old friendships thrive, interests are ignited with the help of community programming, health is often strengthened with support services thus residents often excel in a community.  Over my twenty-six years in this industry, the greatest gifts I have received is the gratitude from residents and family members for helping guide them to their new home.   It is a genuine pleasure to witness some of the best years of seniors lives.”

– Jacqueline Kennedy; Sales and Marketing Director at Legacy Reserve at Fritz Farm.

“What excites me the most about seniors housing is that this business allows us a significant opportunity to positively impact the lives of those we serve; it is refreshing to know our main mission of creating environments tailored to our resident’s individual needs is a driving factor in this industry. While key business components are vital to sustainability and success, executing the mission creates the greatest yield: our residents continuing to live life on their terms – Cheers to living life.”

– Scott Goldberg; Atlas Senior Living