The Unique Resident-Centered Business Model of Atlas Senior Living

There are few senior living companies who function the same way as the other. If you take Atlas Senior Living as an example, you’ll find that we are a provider that’s resident-centered with every decision.

Atlas Senior Living CEO Scott Goldberg


Atlas develops and operates our senior living communities, bringing full attention and dedication that is simply unmatched, versus those who do just one or the other.

Think of different senior living providers’ business models as paths. There are several paths that could lead to the same place. I would like to share a little more detail about the Atlas way, and how our goals always lead us down a resident-centered path.

The Resident-Centered Path

There are a lot of moving pieces and decisions to be made prior to and during the opening of a senior living community. The path that Atlas Senior Living takes at this time provides optimal alignment for our residents. In other words, we are pursuing a community that we know will provide the best life possible for those who choose to live in an Atlas Senior Living community … A community that offers dedicated associates, a busy social calendar, excellent service and a beautiful environment with the opportunity to make new friends.

But how do we get there? When we put our business caps on, we are still always thinking of our residents rather than the next community to add to a portfolio. Here’s what we do to provide the optimal community and environment for our residents.

Engaged from Beginning to End

When prospecting for a new community, Atlas is engaging from the start, regardless of current development or the nature of the acquisition. As the operators, Atlas is leading the charge in the vetting process for each market.

Here’s the questions we ask ourselves from an acquisition standpoint: why are we pursuing this market? Do we believe we can add value to the residents and make the community a better place? Is this a good location?

While we answer these questions to ensure the prospective market aligns with our goals, we begin another set of development questions.

Based on the market, what is the best unit mix? What design personality should we implement to make the residents feel at home? Does this market offer the type of associates we need for our resident-centered model?

Once these questions are answered with confidence and there’s alignment with our goals, we can safely move forward.

Complete Dedication to New Opportunities

With this business model, Atlas dedicates itself 100 percent to a community, from selecting, financing, and executing to operating the chosen community. This level of dedication puts confidence in residents and associates alike. All in all, we stand behind our goals by bringing the right amount of attention to our communities under our unique structure.

From the beginning, Atlas’ focus has been and always will be resident-centered. Discover the unique difference in Atlas Senior Living. Call 877-402-8527, email or fill out our online form.