Chattanooga Resident Turns 102 at East Ridge Residence

East Ridge Residence resident Maxine turned 102 this week. Her birthday was August 6. We celebrated with a birthday party with her family and friends at our community.

We asked her about her advice on life after having lived more than 100 years. Ultimately, she has no regrets of things she has done or hasn’t done. And her advice is: “do what you want to do … in moderation.”

Maxine was born on August 6, 1916 in Michigan and mainly grew up in Lansing. After her son and daughter retired to Tennessee, she moved as well to be closer to them.

She was married to her first husband for 27 years. He was a devout Catholic and since Maxine had no religious affiliation, they eloped. Occasionally she would go to church with him to listen to the organ music.

A year after her first husband passed, she met and married her second husband. When he retired as a schoolteacher, they flew to Europe, bought a car and traveled all over the country for a year. Maxine shared that she was blessed with two wonderful husbands.

We wish Maxine a very wonderful birthday and are thankful that she is a part of our community.

Thank you to The Chattanoogan for sharing this story!