Marietta Senior Community Unveils Wall of Honor Tribute to Veteran Residents

MARIETTA, GA—In a ceremony that stirred hearts and sparked memories, Legacy Ridge at Sandy Plains, a local senior living community, unveiled its Wall of Honor tribute to its resident veterans.

On May 24, 2024, the Wall of Honor was revealed as a display of photos featuring the community’s veterans. The wall symbolizes sacrifice, service, and gratitude. Each photo shares a story of bravery, dedication, and love of country, showcasing the residents who’ve dedicated their lives to preserving freedom.


The celebration featured a heartfelt speech from guest speaker Dante “DJ” Marzetta—Retired Navy Commander and current President of the Naval Academy Alumni Association—who shared his reflections on service and sacrifice. Marzetta also had the honor of pinning medals on the veterans, a ceremony that deeply moved everyone present. The Wall of Honor was the focal point of the event, drawing visitors and residents to pause and reflect on the veterans’ contributions.

A special moment occurred when a veteran resident reverently touched his photograph on the Wall of Honor, reflecting on his service. A Legacy Ridge team member mirrored this act, stopping to honor her veteran father’s sacrifice. These moments highlight the profound impact the Wall of Honor has on the entire community.

“This day will forever be etched in our hearts,” said Amy Cole, Regional Sales Director at Legacy Ridge at Sandy Plains. “To the families and spouses of our veterans, you have our utmost respect. We are all blessed by the sacrifice of our veterans, and as a community, we collectively say thank you.”

Legacy Ridge at Sandy Plains extends its gratitude to all who attended and participated in this significant event. The Wall of Honor commemorates veterans and is an example of the community’s ongoing spirit of service and patriotism.

Legacy Ridge at Sandy Plains isn’t just a place to live—it’s a place where heroes are honored, memories are cherished, and the legacy of service continues to inspire.

The local media are encouraged to capture the spirit of this touching ceremony and celebrate the bravery of our local veterans. Pictured are Marine veteran Olen “Tom” McCurdy, Army Veteran and decorated Korean War veteran Ambrosio Cabrera, Army veteran James Duvlaris, Navy Veteran Walter Rodenberger and family, and WWII Army veteran Adrian Swanstrom.

The senior living community took the attached photos, which are free for media use. For more information about Legacy Ridge at Sandy Plains, please visit their website.

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