Atlas’ Biggest Challenge (Goal) for 2020

Ironically, this blog was written on the day that marks the sixth anniversary of Atlas Senior Living, Dec. 16. The only description of this newly formed company this day, six years ago, could be found if you shared a conversation about the big dreams Wyman and I had for this company.

We had three major goals for Atlas:

  1. To be the community of choice
  2. To be the employer of choice
  3. To be the investment of choice

The People of Atlas Senior Living

Wyman did a great job articulating and appropriately placing the credit where it deserves regarding Atlas’ success and growth in his blog.

To summarize, we have aligned ourselves with some of the greatest and most respected talent in our industry from the community to the corporate level. And while we are all very different people with different skill sets, the one common trait is our respect and demand to make sure the Atlas culture is a key ingredient to it all. This leads me back to the three goals I mentioned earlier from our dreams this day six years ago and what our biggest goal (and challenge) is as we enter 2020.

Our Biggest Goal (and Challenge) of 2020

As one of Atlas’ leaders, I need to help make sure we constantly stay focused on goal #2: “To be the employer of choice” now more than ever.

If we can ensure this goal continues to be a shining star, then we will continue to be the community and investment of choice. While this is a great goal to continue, and an area I feel we do well in, it’s also going to be the greatest challenge Atlas has faced in my opinion.

Last year at this time, we owned/managed seven communities. We are starting 2020 with 24 communities that are owned or managed. As leaders of Atlas, we would be naive to believe that we will be able to continue execution of our culture without constant reevaluations and subsequent changes when needed. I can promise this mission is on the forefront of all our minds. And we are working toward implementation of several new plans that will directly and positively impact our associates.

We really want to be known as a top work-place destination. To make that happen, we need to be innovative and focused on executing these ideas for 2020.

We know people will listen to these ideas, but it does not mean much unless you execute and put them in place. As I mentioned earlier, it will not be easy and will be our biggest challenge as a company thus far. But something tells me that we can do it – for our associates, for our communities, and for our residents.

Cheers to a great 2019 and an even better 2020!

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Scott Goldberg

Scott Goldberg

President and CEO