29 Years of Senior Living – A Love Story

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. 

When leaving high school and entering college, isn’t this what everyone aspires to do?  To love the work they do so much that it does not feel like “work”? 

Starting a Dream Career in Senior Living

I must admit, at that time in my own life, I was clueless, and had no long-term goals about my future. I was incredibly blessed that my work chose me and enabled me to have a sustained love for senior living.

Choosing to take a summer job as a waitress in a senior living community after high school graduation was one of the best decisions I made. Little did I know this decision would shape a 29-year and counting career in one of the most exciting, fulfilling and rewarding industries.

The Real Faces of Senior Living

Immediately, I met some of the most fascinating people. People that were living their lives to the fullest and enjoying all that a senior living community could offer. I was able to see first-hand how lives are enriched with the support provided by senior living communities. The stress of home maintenance is eliminated.  Residents can pursue new interests, enjoy fine cuisine and cultivate new friendships in the comfort of a carefree living environment.

After graduating from college, I was able to transition into a marketing position and my love story grew by bounds. 

I have had the opportunity to explain to potential residents and their families how a community can change their lives in so many positive ways and then see those changes come to fruition.  So many people are resistant to a move. Yet, I see their worlds shrinking. I witness the fact that they have limited social interactions, are lonely, and are often letting life just pass by them. My goal goes beyond occupying an apartment home.  My goal is to lead prospects to a lifestyle beyond their expectations. Watching their worlds expand makes every day worthwhile. 

Changing Lives at Atlas Senior Living

Just when I thought I could not exceed my love for what I do, Atlas Senior Living entered my life.  As seniors are starting to consider downsizing sooner in life, communities like Legacy Reserve are the perfect solution.  With five dining venues, a sports bar, indoor salt-water pool, theatre and much more, seniors have even more opportunities to thrive.  I hear laughter from the moment I walk into the community until the moment I leave.

Doing what you like is freedom.  Liking what you do is happiness. 

I can say, at Atlas Senior Living, I am extremely happy.

Jacqueline Kennedy, Sales and Marketing Director for Legacy Reserve Fritz Farm senior living


Jacqueline Kennedy
Director of Sales and Marketing
Legacy Reserve at Fritz Farm