Madison Heights and Kelley Place memory care Enterprise community

culinary program

The Madison Heights and Kelley Place culinary programming is developed based on the interests of our residents. We take great care when selecting seasonal, fresh ingredients and prepare healthy, delicious, and fulfilling meals. 

Madison Heights and Kelley Place Enterprise memory care community

The Academy – Activities and Lifestyles

We provide our residents with exciting presenters, local educators, healthcare workers, musicians, artists, and museums. We’re able to offer an outstanding selection of programming that helps stimulate and energize our residents.

The Academy Program ensures that our residents can give back based on their strengths while also learning about programs that are interesting to them. This program takes our educational offerings to the next level by giving our residents the chance to never stop learning.

The Academy program is in addition to an activity calendar filled with wellness opportunities, movement classes, arts and crafts, music, brain fitness, and much more.


Madison Heights and Kelley Place memory care resident

SPIRIT program

We all have a past, present and future. At Madison Heights and Kelley Place, we focus on the person, not the diagnosis. SPIRIT programming is supported by key pillars for daily success including preferences, strengths, passions and family. All residents are encouraged to engage in life on their terms. Associates embrace the current strengths and abilities of each resident, promoting independence in all daily activities. Detail is taken to ensure residents’ current abilities are engaged.

Person-centered programming celebrates each resident’s enthusiasm and excitement for past interests. Residents are also introduced to new pastimes, embracing their freedom of choice. Programming is meaningful, promoting positive experiences and socialization.

Our signature SPIRIT program recognizes the need to:

  • Focus on individual Strengths
  • Provide Purpose for each day
  • Celebrate each resident’s Identity
  • Rediscover the joys of the smallest successes
  • Invigorate each resident daily
  • Tailor programming for each resident

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