Atlas Senior Living: Innovating the Future of Senior Living at Jamboree 2023

Excellence in senior living is only possible if the highest standards of quality and innovation are aimed for, particularly in personalized resident experiences and care, clinical services, constant improvement and updating of logistical processes, but above all, through unconditional support and continuous training for our team of associates.

Empowering Senior Living Staff through Continuous Training: Providing Excellent Care to Our Residents

To ensure the best experience in each of our Atlas Senior Living communities, the company holds its annual Jamboree, where heads of communities and regions participate. From March 6th to 9th, the leaders of the pillars of all communities attended the 2023 Jamboree in New Orleans, where they had the opportunity to share best practices and be trained in topics such as customer service, operations, and clinical services, among others.

We had so much fun with practical examples and interactive dynamics that helped us integrate knowledge meaningfully and share it with the team. 

“The 2023 New Orleans Jamboree was a hoot! The energy and camaraderie were amazing from the get-go! Great team building and lots of great information. What a pleasure to see and meet everyone we work with to make Atlas such a great success. The facilities, hotel, conference rooms were perfect! There was so much to do and see. I learned a lot and feel energized to take sales to the next level. Truly we are “all” committed to our residents and their families. We will continue to shine here in central Florida!”

-Catherine Hayes, Sales and Marketing Director Madison at Oviedo


Atlas Family, Jamboree 2023

 Recognizing Excellence: An Evening of Atlas Family Celebration

As the senior living industry continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to recognize the valuable contributions of employees who work tirelessly to improve the lives of seniors. These individuals are the backbone of the industry, and their dedication and compassion should be celebrated.

From caregivers who provide daily support and assistance to administrative staff who keep operations running smoothly, every employee plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for seniors. Recognizing their hard work and showing appreciation boosts morale, job satisfaction and promotes a culture of respect and kindness that benefits everyone involved.


During the awards ceremony Melissa Rost, Vice President of Clinical Compliance presented clinical awards to the following individuals for their outstanding performance: Dena Lofton and Barbara Glass were awarded the Circle of Excellence, while Sharon Crouch received the Most Valuable Player award, and Kim Thompson was recognized for going Above and Beyond.

Clinical Awards Atlas

The President’s Club 2022 was also recognized, and the following individuals were named:

  • Anna Bradford
  • Ryan Carman
  • Catherine Hayes
  • Jacqueline Kennedy
  • Natalie Johnson

This recognition was made during the Sales presentation, which was presented by Greg Crutcher, Chief Marketing Officer. The President’s Club members were commended for their outstanding performance. Additionally, Jenifer Cain was recognized for having the oldest lead in the club.

Special Recognition Award 

A special recognition award was given to Adam Taylor, Executive Director Specialist from the corporate Atlas team for his outstanding contributions to the company. Adam’s hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and we’re grateful for his continued efforts to make our team even better. Congratulations, Adam, on this well-deserved recognition!

Special Recognition Award


The Operations awards were presented by Angie Surls, Vice President of Operations. Donna Stephens was awarded the Impact Award, Mallory Runnels received the Financial Excellence award, and Nathalie White was recognized as the Rockstar Rookie. Additionally, Jo Ellen Spivey was honored with the Scyman Award for ED of the Year, Congratulations to all the winners on their well-deserved recognition!



The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as we celebrated the outstanding achievements of our nominees for Employee of the Year. Without a doubt, the nominees were the cream of the crop and represented the very best of our organization. The energy in the room was electrifying as each nominee was recognized for their remarkable contributions to our company’s success.

Lashanda Jones from Madison Heights and Kelley Place

Lashanda has been a Madison Heights and Kelley Place employee for almost three years! She is a mother to her 15-year-old son and the hardest worker in Kelley Place. Lashanda was promoted to activities director in 2021 because she was so unique and lively with the residents and ultimately stepped down to go back to the floor as a caregiver because she is so drawn to take care of them. She has since been promoted to Lead Care Associate and serves as a trainer. She knows all the residents and their families so well.

Learn more about Lashanda and the rest of Madison Heights and Kelley Place.

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Ms. Lori Owen from Lake Howard Heights

She joined the LHH team the week they had to begin the very tight original restrictions of Covid 19, but this didn’t waive her decision to come to us! They said they had been truly blessed to have her as a member of our team. Lori goes above and beyond every day for the residents that she cares for on the 1st floor of the assisted living and even cut her vacation short this past year to be in the community for the duration of Hurricane lan because she couldn’t stand the thoughts of her residents being frightened or having to deal with the storm and she not be here to help keep them calm and cared for.

Learn more about Ms. Lori Owen and the rest of Lake Howard Heights team.

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Nikki Jaupi from Legacy at Savannah Quarters

It’s rare to have a team member that EVERYONE loves and can always count on. Her creative energy has been displayed throughout the community, from simple but elegant flyers and documents to building an Atlas Accolades Bucks storefront and many memory care community adornments, including a full-scale life-size holiday fireplace and mantle hand built with working fire-like lights!

When Nikki was told that she was nominated for her community, she was so humbled, but yet- said “WHY ME”? She even offered other names of team members to nominate! Because Nikki doesn’t even realize what an impact she has made on our community and residents.


 “Overall, her attention to detail, humbleness and how she makes us all feel is a gold star quality.  We are blessed and honored to have Nikki as a huge part of our resident’s journey. Even before I joined the Legacy team and had made visits to the community, I knew she was special and a gem”!

Learn more about Nikki and the rest of Legacy at Savannah Quarters team.

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Finally, The Faye Gilbert Award for Associate of the Year was presented by Scott Goldberg, Co-Founder, President & CEO and Wyman Hamilton, Co-Founder, President & COO to a deserving recipient…

Congratulations, Nikki! Keep shining and making the lives of those around you sweeter!

Associate of the year, Atlas Senior Living

In conclusion, Atlas Senior Living’s Jamboree 2023 was a great success, providing continuous training to empower their staff and recognize their excellent work. The event celebrated the outstanding achievements of the team members and their valuable contributions to improving the lives of seniors. Atlas Senior Living’s commitment to their residents, families, and team members is a testament to their dedication to innovation and quality in senior living.

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