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How Older Adults Can Get Started with Exercise

As this year comes to an end, many people want to start the new year off with exercise. The decision to become physically active can be one of the best things you can do for your health. Exercise and physical activity are not only great for your mental and physical health, but they can help keep you independent as you age.

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Holiday Hints for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Holidays can be meaningful, enriching times for both the person with Alzheimer’s disease and his or her family. Maintaining or adapting family rituals and traditions helps all family members feel a sense of belonging and family identity.

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Is Now a Good Time to Move?

Many think they would rather wait for the COVID-19 virus to be completely eradicated before moving into a senior housing apartment or villa. The truth of the matter is this virus may never go away. And like other viruses before this one, we are learning how to deal with it while protecting ourselves and others while continuing with daily life.

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Easy Activities for Seniors to Stay Fit

It is easy to become more sedentary when aging, but consistently exercising and stimulation the brain can help boost overall health in the body and mind.

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Overcoming Social Isolation During COVID-19

There are parts of the United States now beginning to re-open; however, the senior population in assisted living or memory care communities, as well as those more vulnerable to COVID –19, is still mostly under state-ordered quarantine. Unfortunately, many seniors living at home during this extended quarantine can lead to social isolation, which then can lead to increased levels of depression …

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