Resident of the Month

Dr. Edward E. Crawford, Ph.D, Resident of the Month August 2023 | Wildcat Senior Living

Dr. Edward E. Crawford

Dr. Edward and his spouse, Pat, were among the very first assisted living residents in Wildcat. Pat passed away this month, peacefully at her Wildcat home. Ed has been a poet for much of his life. This poem was one of Pat’s favorites. We are happy to share it in Pat’s loving memory.

From Within
By Edward E. Crawford, Ph.D

When all seems dull and dreary,
And you don’t know what to do,
When life is not a pleasure,
And the sky is never blue,
Just stop, and look inside yourself,
It’s there it did begin,
For though the cause comes from without
Effects come from within —

And it’s not the world that makes one,
Or breaks one it appears,
But the sum of all our worries,
Of our ventures and our fears.

Our life is what we make it –
We’re the “masters of our fate” – Yet, though we rise to rank and power,
Through we be classed as great;
There is still a certain something,
That the world to us can’t give,
For the godly gift of happiness,
Comes, through how we love and live.

By Edward E Crawfor, Ph.D

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