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Our senior living programs celebrate each resident’s enthusiasm for their hobbies and interests. Find more about our SPIRIT programming here!

Freedom Dining Our Programs The Goldton At St Petersburg

Freedom Dining

The flexibility of our Freedom Dining program leaves residents free to eat at optimal times. Enjoy sitting among fellow residents and dining on nutritious meals prepared by our dedicated chef. The variety in our menus makes us one of the best dining experiences for seniors, from our entrées to our desserts.

Academy Our Programs The Goldton At St Petersburg

The Academy

Continue enriching your mind every day. Participate in fun and educational activities featuring local talent with presenters, musicians, professors, and more from the St. Petersburg area. With The Academy Programming, residents enjoy seminars, presentations, events and more in addition to our monthly activity calendar.

SPIRIT Program Our Programs The Goldton At St Petersburg

SPIRIT Memory Care Program

The Goldton’s signature SPIRIT memory care program promotes individuality and vibrance among our residents. Associates enhance each memory care resident’s life with consistency and comfort. We are dedicated to reliving the past, relishing the present, and rejoicing in the future, all while serving our residents with love in our hearts.


  • Strengthening minds
  • Purpose-driven
  • Identity-focused and celebrated
  • Rediscovering the joy of the smallest successes
  • Invigorating each resident every day
  • Tailoring programming for each resident

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