Spreading Joy with the Ones We Love #NALW

Spreading Joy with the Ones We Love, was the phrase that sparked off a series of celebrations and activities to commemorate National Assisted Living Week in each of the Atlas Senior Living communities.

This NALW, in addition to allowing us to recognize the role of assisted living communities in caring for seniors and individuals with disabilities, it allowed us to treasure, even more, the joyful moments that are lived in each of the communities, from the simplest details such as enjoying a meal with friends or spending quality time with the family. Moments that could go unnoticed before or we could take for granted, thanks to the lessons learned from this NALW, today take on a different value in the hearts of each of our communities.

Being able to serve others in any way is already a great treasure. It is the central axis of why we value the role of assisted living in our communities so much since it is not only about providing a service but also about giving great steps in the evolution of our humanity, and to be closer to unity and unconditional love, in order to spread these virtues to the world.

The fun was for all tastes; from carnivals to bingo contests. Both residents and staff enjoyed the visit of volunteers and family members, as well as the food they shared with them. Of course, there was no lack of integration games, endless workshops, dance, theme parties, excursions, many desserts and even special SPA days in some communities.

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