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Memory Care Services

Memory Care at
The Oscar at Veramendi: Nurturing Memories, Embracing Hope

Our Memory Care program is designed to offer a secure and modern environment that ensures residents feel comfortable and well-supported. Our dedicated team, trained to provide exceptional care, will focus on enhancing residents’ abilities, celebrating small victories, and cherishing moments of joy, all while promoting maximum independence in every aspect of daily living.

Memory Care at
The Oscar at Veramendi: Nurturing Memories, Embracing Hope

Memory Care Services | The Oscar at Veramendi
Respect and Dignity | The Oscar at Veramendi

Respect and Dignity at the Core

Respect and dignity will be the guiding principles of Memory Care at The Oscar. Our program, overseen by a licensed nurse, will place each resident’s unique needs and preferences at the heart of everything we do.

Our Comprehensive Services Include

24-Hour Support

Our compassionate associates will be available around the clock, ensuring residents receive the care they require whenever they need it.

Medication Management

We will provide vigilant medication management to guarantee residents' health and well-being.

Personalized Care

Each resident will receive individualized attention, ensuring their specific needs and preferences are met with care and compassion.

Engaging Programs

Our programs will be thoughtfully designed around residents' interests, creating an environment that fosters mental stimulation and emotional well-being.

Brain Fitness and Memory Enhancement Programs

We will be committed to promoting cognitive vitality, offering engaging programs that challenge and stimulate residents' minds.

Does a Loved One Need Memory Care?

Our quiz below provides questions that can help one navigate the signs of someone needing memory care. If you would like more infomation, download our information whitepaper by checking off the box at the bottom.

Experience the Freedom to Enjoy Life

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