Coming Summer of 2025

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“At Atlas Senior Living, we’re excited to share that The Oscar at Veramendi, our upcoming senior living community, is on the horizon. With an expected opening in 2025, we can hardly wait to welcome residents to this vibrant, new chapter of senior living.

The Oscar at Veramendi | Resident wellness
Assembling an amazing team | The Oscar at Veramendi

As part of our commitment to exceptional care and services, we’re assembling a dynamic leadership team that will guide The Oscar at Veramendi on its journey to providing exceptional senior living experiences. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who share our passion for enriching the lives of seniors and creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

We’re dedicated to ensuring that The Oscar at Veramendi becomes a place where residents and their families feel at home. Our team is working diligently behind the scenes to make this vision a reality.

The Oscar at Veramendi

We invite you to stay tuned as we introduce you to the leaders who will oversee The Oscar at Veramendi. They will be your go-to contacts as we move closer to our grand opening.”

Experience the Freedom to Enjoy Life

Ready for a new home that connects you to amazing experiences, new adventures and camaraderie? We can not wait to welcome you. Call today to learn more about our pre-opening advantages and how you can become one of the first Patrons of The Oscar.

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