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Academy Programming

Life Enrichment at The Oscar:
Embrace Every Moment

Enjoy Every Moment | The Oscar at Veramendi

We believe that every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and experience something new. Our Life Enrichment program is designed to cater to residents at all levels of care. From captivating speakers and local artisans to invigorating fitness sessions and captivating outings, we’re dedicated to creating moments of joy and discovery.

Our unique approach to enrichment activities not only stimulates the mind and body but also encourages residents to share their knowledge and passions with others. At The Oscar, we’re committed to ensuring that the pursuit of knowledge and enjoyment never stops. Explore life with us, where each day holds the promise of new experiences.

Enrichment Activities | The Oscar at Veramendi

SPIRIT Programming for Memory Care

Purpose-driven every day
Identity is celebrated
Rediscovers the joy of the smallest successes
Invigorates each resident every day
Tailors programming for each resident

SPIRIT Memory Care | The Oscar at Veramendi

Stay tuned as we reveal more about our exciting Academy Programs for seniors, designed to help them lead an active and worry-free life.

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Ready for a new home that connects you to amazing experiences, new adventures and camaraderie? We can not wait to welcome you. Call today to learn more about our pre-opening advantages and how you can become one of the first Patrons of The Oscar.

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