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Exciting Activities for Active Seniors:
Fun, Fitness, and Friends

The Goldton at Adelaide SPIRIT Programming

Never Stop Learning

The Academy Program allows residents to establish a sense
of community while remaining in and developing new friendships. With a minimum of of five facilitated activities a day we value residents input giving them control over their day.

Academy program give us the freedom to partner with the community, such as MSU, letting them lead us through chair yoga, Tai Chi, bingo and so much more.

The program also allows our residents to give back based on their strengths while also learning about topics that are interesting to them. We take our educational offerings to the next level by giving our residents the chance to never stop learning.


Purpose-driven every day
Identity is celebrated
Rediscovers the joy of the smallest successes
Invigorates each resident every day
Tailors programming for each resident

SPIRIT programming is supported by key pillars for daily success including preferences, strengths, passions, and family. All residents are encouraged to engage in life on their terms. Associates embrace the current strengths and abilities of each resident, promoting independence in all daily activities. Detail is taken to ensure residents’ current abilities are engaged.

Person-centered programming celebrates each individual resident’s enthusiasm and excitement for past interests. Residents are also introduced to new pastimes, embracing their freedom of choice. Programming is meaningful, promoting positive experiences and socialization.

Our SPIRIT program is brought to life by well-trained teams of caring, compassionate associates and managers with a culture of caring. All Atlas Senior Living associates receive classroom education on the aging process. In addition to this training, associates serving residents in Assisted Living, Personal Care, and Memory Care receive online training through the Alzheimer’s Association as well as individual certification through the Alzheimer’s Association, recognizing knowledge of quality dementia care practices. 

The Goldton at Adelaide Senior Living
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